Planetary SystemEdit

Trollz World

Trollz World is an Earthlike planet orbiting an ordinary sun. The year is 352 days long, divided into 22 months of 16 days each. It has one moon, fairly large and nearby, with a month of 16 local days.

There is at least one other planet in the system, probably orbiting further from the sun.

Trollz WorldEdit

The surface is divided into continents and seas, with the land stretching from the north to the south poles. A number of islands exist, as well as large inland seas. Several mountain ranges have been seen, as well as forests and a huge desert. Rivers and streams are known, such as the one passing through Trollzopolis.

The flora and fauna are diverse, though many animals seem to have "big hair".

Besides trollz, other intelligent beings seen or mentioned include gremlins, orcs, ogres, pixies, swamp mutts, and gnomes.


Political divisons were never shown, but their placement can be conjectured.

The Troll Nation is the most advanced civilization in the world. Its capital is Trollzopolis, an ancient city founded after the Haunted Woodz surrounded the old captial. Other places seen or mentioned are Trollenburg, the oldest troll village, Trollodelphia, San Trollpez, and the island of Trollhiti.

Gremlin Country lies north of the Troll Nation and the Haunted Woodz.. Not much has been seen of it to date, except a deserted village that was Simon's home town.

To the south and east is a region where ogres live in the town of Ogreville. It is likely a colony from the Ogre Nation across the sea.