Trollz is a brand based on the troll dolls created by Thomas Dam in 1959. It is a modernized, reinvented version of Dam's dolls. The main characters are Amethyst, Ruby, Onyx, Topaz and Sapphire, five trollz who are best friends. They refer to themselves as the BFFL — an abbreviation of "Best Friends For Life" — and they live in the city of Trollzopolis. They deal with real teen issues like fashion, school, interest in boys, and money, but with a significant difference: They can perform magic. While their magic can be used for good, it can also cause trouble.

The Trollz brand spanned a website, television series, home video, books, magazines, toys, and a Nintendo Gameboy Advance video game. This Wiki archives knowledge of Trollz and aims to document all things related to the series.

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