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Trollz: Hair Over Heels the Movie is volume 3 of the Trollz DVDs. It was released on December 18th, 2007 and has the third arc of show — "Troll Fast, Troll Furious", "The Great Race", and "Into the Woodz" — as a 67-minute long movie.

"Hair over heels" is a based on the phrase "head over heels", which means to be in love; it reflects Sapphire's crush on Mica in the movie. The DVD comes with English and Español audio, and English, Español and French subtitles.

Official DescriptionEdit

Go, Trollz, Go! Who Will Win The Great Trollz Race?

On your mark, get set, go! After Sapphire falls for a cute street racer, everyone can't wait to see who will win the exciting Trollzopolis Race. But when Sapphire finds out the hot-shot racer is only using her to get ahead, the hottie hotrodder learns what fast, and furious really means! This action-packed race to the finish even includes a detour through the Haunted Woods. Fortunately, Sapphire soon learns that true friends stand together, while the boy from the fast crowd discovers that cheaters nerver win!

Scene SelectionsEdit

  1. Credits [1:00]
  2. Shortcut to Romance [5:31]
  3. Boy Comes First [7:42]
  4. Wrong Race [7:26]
  5. Great Day for a Test [6:56]
  6. Operation Onyx [12:39]
  7. Serving Time [11:04]
  8. Trouble in the Woods [8:53]
  9. Good Deed Done [2:11]
  10. End Credits [2:12]

Special FeaturesEdit

  • Spell Moment: Stay Dry Spell
  • Spell Moment: Fine Feathered Friend Spell
  • Spell Moment: Make the Teacher Notice You Spell


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