• The front cover.
  • An alternate DVD cover.
  • The alternate DVD cover that has textured hair for Amethyst.
  • The BBC DVD.
  • A slightly different cover for the BBC DVD.
  • The back of the BBC DVD.
  • The open DVD case.
  • The DVD with a charm bracelet and two charms of Onyx and Amethyst.
  • The back of the DVD and charm bracelet box.
  • The Onyx and Amethyst charms.
  • Spanish cover.

Trollz: Best Friends for Life the Movie is volume 1 of the Trollz DVDs. It was released on September 6th, 2005 and has the first arc of show — "Best Friends for Life", "Five Spells Trouble", and "First Day of School" — as a 67-minute long movie. The DVD comes with English and Español audio, and English, Español and French subtitles. Some of the DVDs included a charm bracelet with charms of Onyx and Amethyst.

Official DescriptionEdit

Meet Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz, Onyx and Sapphire! Five best friends who are pure magic. These happenin' gal pals just happen to be Trollz, enchanted beings who shop 'til they drop, chat, go to school, meet guys, hang at the hair salon and coffee house — and use their magical powers to make life even more exciting. In this first full-length movie, Amethyst finally learns to cast spells. But jealous Ruby zaps her with an unpopularity spell that — oops! — boomerangs. Can Amethyst save Ruby... and the Trollz's friendship?

Scene SelectionsEdit

  1. Credits [1:12]
  2. The Worst Dream [1:46]
  3. Show Us a Spell [6:16]
  4. Favorite Memories [2:03]
  5. Stepping It Up [2:58]
  6. Scared Together [7:50]
  7. Spell Shopping [3:44]
  8. Coal on Ice [6:24]
  9. Power of the Five [7:47]
  10. Puppy Love [3:42]
  11. First Day of School [9:19]
  12. Ew! A Dog Thing [9:45]
  13. Best Friends [1:40]
  14. End Credits [2:00]

Special FeaturesEdit


  • Trollz
  • Atomic Betty
  • Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi
  • Scooby-Doo in Where's My Mummy?
  • Trollz Vol. 3 & 4

DVD-ROM FeaturesEdit

  • Personal Memory Book to write thoughts, share experiences and add stickers and sounds.
  • Printable bookmarks and note cards.
  • Link to
  • Trollars to spend at
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