Trollhiti Island

The island was formed by lava flowing from the volcano Krakatrolla in the far past. Over time plants and animals arrived there, and lush and dense jungles grew, covering the rock. The beaches are sandy yellow and palm trees are plentiful. A couple of small mountains can be found south of the volcano.

It is located in the tropical zone of Trollz World, and has a few atolls close by. Other land masses can be glimpsed in the distance. It lies southwest of the ancient Troll shipping lanes.

It was discovered and named by Troll explorers, but could not be colonized due to the magical monsters there. The source of magic was found to be in a canyon deep in the jungle. At some point a spell was cast, putting the monsters to sleep. The spell was written on a stone tablet, and for safekeeping put on a pedestal at the bottom of the canyon's pool. The identity of those responsible for the spell has been lost to time.

During the modern awakening, the monsters included: the Angry Palm Trees, which look normal, but can move around and cluster together for attacks. They grow arms from fronds and throw coconuts. The Tiki Monsters, made from figures carved from wood and brought to life. The Troll-Eating Bus Bench, animated by the evil magic, and the Sea Serpent, which had been a friendly dolphin.

Today, Trollhiti is an unspoiled paradise and vacation playground. The town is located on the southwestern part of the island, with a few tall buildings and an airport capable of handling fairly large airplanes. There are a few other places where buildings (probably hotels) are located, and are connected by a wide unpaved road. Individual homes are scattered across the island as well.

The Ogre Sandstone visited as part of a tour group, but got left behind.

The Ancients Spinel and Zirconia moved to the island to rest and recover their powers out of Simon's reach. They invited the BFFL to visit during spring break.

Krakatrolla's original caldera was worn away be erosion, but constant fighting by the BFFL briefly recreated it until they worked together to stop it.

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