Troll are small creatures.


In the ancient world, both female and male trolls possessed magical powers. There was no need for advanced technology because magic was used for transportation, communication, and information tracking. A gremlin named Simon almost destroyed the planet by turning the magic evil and releasing Black Amber. He was foiled by the Magic of the Ten: ten trollz, one from each gem alligmnent, casting a spell simultaneously. The ten trollz were Obsidian, Grandma Van Der Troll, Mr. Trollheimer, Zirconia, Spinell, and their five mentors, known as ancients. The Magic of the Ten imprisoned Simon in the Shadow World.

After Simon was trapped, the modern city of Trollzopolis was built over the old one. Magic was restricted so that male trollz can no longer use magic. Trollz began to use technology to compensate, such as scoots, cars, spell phones and computers. Female trollz can still cast spells if they are adolescents and they have spell beads. After a baby girl troll is born, a drop of magic amber — concentrated in the Amber Caves — is placed in their belly button. It hardens and becomes a unique gem and, once the girl reaches adolescence, her gem gets its glow and they can then use magic.

Using spell beads, a girl troll says a spell aloud and it comes into fruition. Spell beads are created using natural ingredients from the repository that is the Haunted Woods, a primitive area that some creatures live in. The Haunted Woodds surrounds Trollzopolis. The most important ingredient in spell beads is amber. Obsidian sells spell beads in her shop in the Trollzopolis Mall.