Topaz Trollhopper
Voice: Leah Juel
Species: Troll
Age: 14 (born May 18, 1992)
School: Trollzopolis High
Gem: Diamond-shaped topaz
Ancient: Zirconia
Pet: La-La
Allies: Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Alabaster, Coal, Flint, Jasper, Rock, Obsidian, Grandma Van Der Troll, Mr. Trollheimer, Zirconia, Spinell
Enemies: Simon, Snarf, Coral Trollarwise, Opal Trollangel, Jade Trollberger
Topaz Trollhopper is one of the main characters in Trollz. She is an adorable and clumsy troll, who is Onyx's best friend. 

Official Description

A Fashionista, Topaz was blessed with the gift of supreme fashion sense. Able to rescue any fashion faux pas and brave any mall sale - Topaz is the queen of style! While she may be a little slow on the speed dial (if you know what we mean), she's a true fashion savant. Always optimistic and willing to put herself out there, Topaz is as sweet as a trollibean. She's also the funniest one of the group, although she usually doesn't mean to be. She sees the Trollacino cup as half full and is the kind of girl you want as a best friend.

Memory Book

June 18
Hey MB-
I was thinking you know what would be the coolest thing ever? Edible clothes. That way when you're shoppin and get hungry, you can just eat a sleeve. Oh my gosh, what should I wear to Jasper's party? I have no idea whatsoever, I'm almost totally panicked. I'm all tapped out of ideas after helping everyone else!! Edible clothes... hee hee.
Favorite Food: Trollibeans. Any flavor.
Favorite Activites: Shopping, shopping and shopping. Oh and finding a trollar in your pocket – isn't that the best?
Favorite Boy: Jasper, because he's so dee-lish.
Best Friend: Is this a trick question?
Favorite Color: Blonde
Likes: Furry things, anything that's this season, shoe sales.
Dislikes: Any non-furry item, anything last season, paying retail for shoes.
Guilty Pleasure: Vintage... and corduroy pants – I love the sound they make when you walk in them.
Most Embarrassing Moment: I had the most nuclear meltdown moment in the mall last summer. I went to buy some cute polka-dot tights and instead accidentally bought – now brace yourself this is gonna be gross – I mean really, take a seat, this is gonna hurt – FLESH TONE NYLONS! The kind my grandma wears with the CONTROL TOP waist! I can't believe I shared that. Please don't tell anyone... I'm so embarrassed.

Physical Appearance

Topaz has light skin, amber eyes and blonde hair. Her hair is styled in a messy ponytail with a green and yellow hair tie. Topaz wears pink lipstick and a yellow spell bead bracelet. Her outfit is a cream-colored collared top with frilly cuffs, and a pink cropped vest. Her stomach is exposed to show a diamond-shaped topaz gem in her belly button. She wears a lime green mini-skirt with a pink and white tie as a belt, and she has cream-colored legwarmers. Topaz's shoes are platforms that are white, pink, green and blue.