Amethyst's spell bead bracelet.

A spell bead are what female Trollz need to cast spells. The magic of the Trollz in the ancient world. It was different because all Trollz were able to use magic, even males. No one needed spell beads, which girls need now to cast spells. There were also a lot fewer machines, because Trollz used magic to do things like get around (now they use Scoots), talk over long distances (now they use Spell Phones), or keep track of information (now they use computers). Simon ruined magic by grabbing most of it and turning it evil. He almost destroyed the planet by letting loose Black Amber. The mention of Black Amber is always scary to Trollz. The Magic of the Ten stopped him. It's the most powerful kind of magic and it only occurs when a group of five Trollz, one from each gem alignment (like the BFFLs), work together to cast a spell. The Magic of the Ten was cast by the five ancients from modern time, and the five ancients who were their mentors. They magically locked Simon away but magic was minimized in Trollzopolis. The modern Trollzopolis was built over the old one. When all Trollz' magic was reduced (and boys could no longer use it at all), the trollz started using technology, and this is the world they live in now. The Haunted Woods are the undeveloped areas surrounding Trollzopolis. Home to gross creatures and repository of the natural ingredients used in creating spell beads. The most important ingredient is amber, which is concentrated in the Amber Caves. The origin and function of magic for modern day Troll girls is baby girl Trollz getting a drop of magic amber placed in their belly buttons right after they're born. The amber hardens and becomes a distinctive gem. Then when a girl reaches maturity her gem gets its glow and now she can do magic if she has a decent spell bead to use. She has to say a spell out loud to activate it.

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