Snarf is half dog, half ogre and can shift from one form to the other at will. That makes him both a loyal friend and a ravenous beast, with serious emphasis on the beast part. Snarf is Simon's proud sidekick, and he'll do anything to make his master happy. Snarf has been known to go all the way downstairs to get Simon a warm cup of milk or even scrape the crud out from under Simon's toenails!

Despite all this affection, Simon can't stand Snarf. But since Simon's short on friends and can use Snarf's ogre-muscle for his plans of world domination, he lets Snarf stick around. Its never ogre

As much as Snarf loves Simon, that's how fierce he is to everyone else. Snarf loves to terrorize Amethyst, Onyx, Sapphire, Topaz, and Ruby in both his dog and ogre forms, as well as in a number of crafty disguises, even as a little girl poodle (he's so cute with that itty bitty pink bow).