Simon is an antagonist in the series.

Description from Trollz.comEdit

Simon is a rebel without a cause or a sense of style. He's also a gremlin, which means he will forever look like a 9 year old little boy - no wonder he's angry, huh?

Not only does Simon have a bad attitude, he's also got a police record that makes him Trollzopolis Public Enemy #1! Simon's bad boy days started in the Ancient Times when he tried to take over the world. It took ten trollz, five young and five old, to banish the little sucker to the Netherworld.

Unfortunately, the BFFL (Best Friends For Life) accidentally awakened his powers and now he's back with big plans: Take over Trollzopolis! Luckily, Simon doesn't know anything about new technology. He's so behind the times he could practically confuse a spell phone for a bar of soap (not that Simon washes up much, he's too busy to take over the world to worry about personal hygiene)!