The television series for Trollz consists of one season. There are 27 episodes, and each three episodes makes up a mini-story-arc within the overall story. The theme song is "It's a Hair Thing" by Valli Girls, and the show features more songs such as "Best Friends for Life" and "Power of Five".

The entire season is available to buy on iTunes and Vudu, and the first nine episodes are on home video. The now defunct website Jaroo previously streamed the episodes in rotation.


Arc 1Edit

Episode 1 - "Best Friends for Life"

Episode 2 - "Five Spells Trouble"

Episode 3 - "First Day of School"

Arc 2Edit

Episode 4 - "Onyx's Gem"

Episode 5 - "Topaz Possessed"

Episode 6 - "The Big Test"

Arc 3Edit

Episode 7 - "Troll Fast, Troll Furious"

Episode 8 - "The Great Race"

Episode 9 - "Into the Woodz"

Arc 4Edit

Episode 10 - "The Dating Game"

Episode 11 - "Mirror Mirror"

Episode 12 - "Ruby's Rules of Partying"

Arc 5Edit

Episode 13 - "Forever Amber"

Episode 14 - "Not-So-Good Old Days"

Episode 15 - "Simply Simon"

Arc 6Edit

Episode 16 - "The Tree and the Dragon"

Episode 17 - "Homecoming"

Episode 18 - "A Dragon's Tale"

Arc 7Edit

Episode 19 - "Field Trip"

Episode 20 - "The Day the Magic Died"

Episode 21 - "Bringing Back the Magic"

Arc 8Edit

Episode 22 - "New Girl in Town (Episode)"

Episode 23 - "When Good Girlz Go Bad"

Episode 24 - "Boyz and Girlz Together"

Arc 9Edit

Episode 25 - "Where the Trollz Are"

Episode 26 - "Surf Monster A Go Go"

Episode 27 - "Krakatrolla Needs Some Java"

Home VideoEdit

Trollz DVDs
Three Trollz DVDs were released with the first nine episodes of the show. The first DVD was Trollz: Best Friends for Life the Movie, the second was Trollz: Magic of the Five the Movie, and the third and final DVD was Trollz: Hair Over Heels the Movie.

There were two more DVDs, Trollz: You Glow Girls! the Movie and Trollz: A Hair A-Faire the Movie, that were scheduled for home release on June 3rd, 2008. However, the retail and consume market did not embrace the first three volumes, so the last two announced were never released.



  • Alexandra Carter as Sapphire Trollzawa.
  • Leah Juel as Topaz Trollhopper.
  • Britt McKillip as Amethyst Van Der Troll.
  • Anna Van Hooft as Onyx Von Trollenberg.
  • Chiara Zanni as Ruby Trollman.

Also StarringEdit

  • Michael Antonakos as Flint Trollentino (credited as Mike Antonakos).
  • Armen Weitzman as Jasper Trollhound (credited as ARMEN)
  • Ashleigh Ball as Garnet
  • Jason Connery as Mr. Trollheimer
  • Matt Hill as Rock Trollhammer
  • Reece Thompson as Simon
  • Janyse Jaud as Snarf