Sapphire Trollzawa
Voice: Alexandra Carter
Species: Troll
Age: 14 (born June 11, 1992)
School: Trollzopolis High
Gem: Flower-shaped sapphire
Ancient: Mr. Trollheimer
Pet: Ya-Ya
Allies: Onyx, Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst, Obsidian, Grandma Van Der Troll, Mr. Trollheimer, Zirconia, Spinell
Enemies: Simon, Snarf, Coral Trollarwise, Opal Trollangel, Jade Trollberger
Sapphire Trollzawa is an intelligent but socially awkward girl who loves to study and is fairly laid-back. She is Amethyst's best friend and especially talented at math and chemistry. She is the nerdy, popular girl with a passion for her school work.

While she tries to talk her fellow BFFL's into study sleepover nights, they always turn her down in favor of shopping. Her Ancient is Mr. Trollheimer and her gem is blue and shaped like a flower.

Official Description

Super cute smarty pants. Sapphire's a girl genius who scored 2500 on her SAT's - out of a possible 2400!! When she's not reading about Quantum Theory, Sapphire loves hanging with her best friends. She's a quick thinker, she's got a photographic memory and knows practically every spell known to trollkind! She's curious, kind and did we mention she's a total brainiac?

Memory Book

June 18
Dear MB-
I've successfully completed my science fair project a whole two weeks early. Now I'll have plenty of time to prepare for Jasper's big party. Alabaster's going to be there and I can’t wait to hear his take on the revision to Hawking's Infinitely Expanding Universe Theory. But the real question is what should I wear? I've got to call Topaz.
Favorite Food: Fish Anything with Omega 3's.
Favorite Activites: Quantum Theory, color-coding my spell note cards.
Favorite Boy: Alabaster he's soooo cute and super smart!
Best Friend: I think you need to restate the question in the plural... FRIENDS! Amethyst, Ruby, Onyx and Topaz.
Favorite Color: Blue. It's the furthest color on the spectrum.
Likes: BFFL and pop quizzes.
Dislikes: P.E., I'm not very good at it.
Guilty Pleasure: Sneaking Trollicinos in the library! (Don't tell anyone!!)
Most Embarrassing Moment: Which one? Any time I have to be in Phys. Ed. I think it should be outlawed.

Physical Appearance

Sapphire has fair skin bright blue eyes and blue hair which is always in a ponytail. Her lovely blue locks are held by a dark pink band with a small bow on the side. She wears big round glasses on her head along with a long-sleeved blue sweater over a plain white button-shirt with a pale-pink skirt and pale-pink flats with blue lining and blue flowers on top, along with white knee socks with blue and pink lining on the top edge. Sapphire also has a speech impediment that sounds like she' has a blocked nose.

Sapphire swiming outfit

Her swiming oufit is light blue coloured


Sapphire is a very intelligent and curious girl who loves to study. She is a quick thinker and has a photographic memory, and she knows many, many spells. She is kind to her friends and loves hanging out with them, but she is also socially awkward; she is happy her friends see past that. She tends to be succeptable to flattery and is embarrassed to admit shortcomings, like being unable to swim.