Ruby Trollman
Voice: Chiara Zanni
Species: Troll
Age: 14-15 (born November 7, 1990)
School: Trollzopolis High
Gem: Star-shaped ruby
Ancient: Obsidian
Pet: Za za
Allies: Onyx, Amethyst, Sapphire, Topaz, Obsidian, Antauri Grandma Van Der Troll, Mr. Trollheimer, Zirconia, Spinell
Enemies: Simon, Snarf, Coral Trollarwise, Opal Trollangel, Jade Trollberger

Ruby Trollman is one of the main characters in Trollz.

Official DescriptionEdit

The self-proclaimed leader of the group - although the other girls wouldn't admit it! Ruby's the girl who'll tell it like it is, whether or not you wanna hear it. Although she can be a brat sometimes, she's always there for her friends and she's always got their backs - no matter what! She's the girl you want on your side.


Ruby has dyed red hair in a star shape (her real hair colour is brown). She's got pink eyes and she's mixed race.

She wears an off shoulder white top with a green star, blue pants and a yellow and blue sneakers.

She has a black neck choker with a red jewel, and a gold bracelet with a star.

June 18
So MB-
Turns out Jasper is having the party of the century and moi, yours truly, miss Ruby with the awesome social skillz got the BFFL invited! This is so major and I've got tons to do: 1. Have hair done by Trollze Eber. 2. Practice looking flirty in the mirror and 3. Call Topaz for a pre-party fashion consultation like, right now! I'm so pysched. This is gonna be the best party ever.
Favorite Food: Mint Chocolate Troller Chip Ice Cream
That way you get ice cream plus a breath mint. So I can flirt fearlessly.
Favorite Activites: Having her hair done at Trollze Eber's Hair Salon, checking out cute guys and shopping for spell beads
Favorite Boy: Rock
Because he is my biggest fan.
Best Friend: Um, hello? Just one? Try like, 4!
Favorite Color: Red dye #35
Likes: Casting prank spells, talking on her spell phone, shopping
Dislikes: People messing with her friends
Guilty Pleasure: What's there to be guilty about?
Most Embarrassing Moment: I don’t get embarrassed - I get even.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Ruby has tan skin, red eyes and red star-shaped hair. She uses red dye #35 to achieve her red hair; she is naturally a brunette. She has wavy bangs and sidelocks, and her eyebrows are thin. She wears red lipstick and a red necklace, a gold bracelet with a star charm, and a red spell bead bracelet. Her outfit consists of a white crop top with short sleeves, with one sleeve being off the shoulder, and it emblazoned with a pale green star. Her pants are cuffed blue jeans with pale green stars on the cuffs, and she wears yellow sneakers with white laces and soles, and blue accents. Ruby has a red star shamed gem in her bellybutton. Her head is big, she has large eyes, a button nose and pointy ears. She has a small body and large feet. Later she dyes her hair brown in the episode of trollz world



  • Ruby likes when people read her diary so she can create rumors about herself.[1]
  • She thinks the cutest boy in Trollzopolis is Rock.[2] She's said that her ideal guy "just needs to be hot." [3]
  • When told the average girl eats about 6 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime, Ruby was dismissive and said it was a worthy sacrifice for "a perfectly red "come hither" pucker". She added, "leave the lipstick to the big girls with strong stomachs."[4]
  • Unless there is a sale, Ruby isn't interested in Mathematics.[5]
  • Ruby's standards for being impressed by a boy include tickets to the ballet, diamonds, and trips to the Trollhamas.[6]
  • Her friends nickname her "Rubes".[7]
  • Although Ruby likes to think she doesn't get embarrassed, Topaz brought up an occasion when Ruby had cast a dog barking spell on her and barked nonstop in class.[8]
  • In When Good Girlz Go Bad, she killed an ogan after taking off the bead. She also produced fireworks while doing a chant.
  • Onyx is the only character who Ruby doesn't treat like dirt.


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