Rock Trollhammer
Voice: Matt Hill
Species: Troll
Home: Trollzopolis
School: Trollzopolis High
Love Interest: Ruby Trollman

Rock Trollhammer is a troll who lives in Trollzopolis, and Ruby’s love interest. He is shown to have the intelligence of an actual rock and a real bad temper, but still manages to capture Ruby's heart.

He wears a sports purple letterman jacket, grey tracksuits with blue hair, blue eyebrows, light blue eyes, and red shoes.

Official DescriptionEdit

Well, the name pretty much says it all. If it weren't for his Trollish hair, Rock could probably be confused for an ogre. There have always been amazing stories of growth spurts but Rock's is totally the most amazing. After one summer vacation everybody came back different — Coal's voice got deeper, Jasper got into hip-hop, Alabaster got an inch taller — Rock got about 35 more pounds of muscle and could eat 23 Trollburgers in one sitting!

Although she doesn't always know it, the majority of Rock's muscle flexing is for Ruby. All of Rock's muscle is powerless when faced with Ruby's smile or her red hot temper. But even when Ruby's exasperated with her muscle-bound crush, she tries to keep her cool because she knows whatever Rock does, his intentions are good and his strongest muscle is the one that really counts: his heart.