Onyx von trollenberg
Voice: Anna van hooft
Species: Troll
Age: 14 (born June 19, 1991)
School: Trollzopolis High
Gem: Crescent moon-shaped onyx
Ancient: Spinell
Pet: Na-Na
Allies: Amethyst, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Obsidian, Antauri Grandma Van Der Troll, Mr. Trollheimer, Zirconia, Spinell
Enemies: Simon, Snarf, Coral Trollarwise, Opal Trollangel, Jade Trollberger

Onyx Von Trollenberg is a level-headed girl who is not afraid to tell the truth and has a distaste for anyone who lies and manipulates others. She is the only goth at her school, and is very anti-social and unique as expressed by her gothic clothing and gloomy outlook on life.

Her favorite food is double cheeseburgers with lots of onions and she enjoys making fun of cheerleaders and beating boys at anything. Her favorite color is either black or purple or both.

Although she excels in poetry, she bombs at driving (she's known as the worst driver in the world) and often has low self-confidence. Her gem is indigo in color and is in the shape of a crescent moon. Her Ancient is Spinell, Zirconia's husband. Onyx is attracted to the poetic rocker, Flint. While Onyx gets along with all of the girls, she is best friends with Topaz and loves her like a little sister. 

Official DescriptionEdit

Onyx walks to the beat of her own electric guitar. The only goth girl at Trollzopolis High, Onyx is truly a unique character. She's sarcastic, smart and always quick with the comebacks. She's the least willing to compromise what she thinks to please others and that's why her friends love her. She's Onyx. Deal with it.

Memory BookEdit

June 18
Well Memory Book, wadda ya know dreary weather. The clouds are hanging like buzzards in the sky. The rain won't stop pouring down and the whole house shakes when it thunders – truly another beautiful day. Do you think High Schools have a higher chance of being struck by lightning? I hope so. Jasper's having a party and I can't say I'd go if the BFFL weren't forcing me to be social... then again, Flint might be there. I have to call Topaz for a fashion-consultation.
Favorite Food: Double cheeseburgers with lots of onions
Favorite Activites: Beating boys at anything, making fun of cheerleaders.
Favorite Boy: Flint. He's just so troubled
Best Friend: Make that friends... Amethyst, Topaz, Sapphire and Ruby.
Favorite Color: Stupid question.
Likes: Stuff that doesn't suck.
Dislikes: Cheerleaders, pep, people who dot their "i"s with smiley faces. Except for when Amethyst does it.
Guilty Pleasure: Watching cartoons.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Being in the Troll Scouts and having to sell those cookies door in a uniform that's not all black.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Onyx's violet eyes match her curly violet hair which is bound by two ornate pink, black, and hot pink hair ties, creating two enormous poofy pigtails. The seemingly pale Onyx has a small beauty mark on the right side of her nose. She wears a white midriff-bearing top under a black jacket with a pink spiked bracelet on each wrist with a black and white mini-skirt, pale-pink tights, and black boots with a hot pink band. She also wears two rectangular silver earrings on each ear.

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