Species: Troll
Affiliations: Ancients
Magic of the Ten
Corresponding Troll: Ruby Trollman
Allies: Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Onyx, Spinell, Zirconia, Mr. Trollheimer and Grandma Van Der Troll
Enemies: Simon and Snarf

Obsidian is a troll who lives in Trollzopolis. She owns a spell shop in the Trollzopolis Mall and she is one of the five surviving Ancients.

Official DescriptionEdit

3000 years ago five young Trollz helped five old Trollz to imprison Simon. Needless to say, these young Trollz got older over time, MUCH older. These trollz are now the five Ancients. But Obsidian deosn't look a day over 2,327 years old. And no botox either!

Obsidian is the owner of the spell shop in the mall and she acts as mentor to the BFFL. Like any good mentor, Obsidian keeps the girls on the right path. In between labeling frog warts and dragon droppings in the spell shop she guides them on their adventures. The girls always bug her for information about magic and new spells, but Obsidian is careful to give the girls just the information they need as their powers mature.

Obsidian has a special place in her heart for Ruby. As magic and Trollz history get passed from generation to generation, each of the Ancients has a corresponding Troll in the BFFL today, and Obsidian's corresponding Troll is none other than red-haired beauty, Ruby Trollman.