Mr. Trollheimer
Mr. Trollheimer
Species: Troll
Affiliations: Ancients
Magic of the Ten
Corresponding Troll: Sapphire Trollzawa
Allies: Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst, Onyx, Spinell, Obsidian, Zirconia and Grandma Van Der Troll
Enemies: Simon and Snarf

Mr. Trollheimer is a troll. He teaches at Trollzopolis High and is one of the five Ancients.

Official DescriptionEdit

Mr. Trollheimer, the ninth grade science teacher, is smart, bookish, and owns several different styles of pocket protectors. However, Mr. Trollheimer does have an outside life. He's one of the five surviving Ancients! When duty calls, he'll put down his Bunsen burner and periodic table and get right into bad-guy-butt-kicking mode. His equally bookish but slightly cooler corresponding BFFL is Sapphire.

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