Jasper Trollhound
Species: Troll
Home: Trollzopolis
School: Trollzopolis High
Love Interest: Topaz Trollhopper
Jasper Trollhound (born: 18 June 2000) is a troll who lives in Trollzopolis. Unlike the rest of the trolls in Trollzopolis, Jasper does not have hair, as he seems to like the look of not having any.

Jasper seems to envy the girls a bit, as he gave his other guy friends the idea, to mess with the ember in the ember caves, and get some in there navels so they can perform magic, but since ember is not made for boys, things gone wrong, and the spells had gotten messed up, eventually causing him and the rest of the trolls, both boys and girls, to get trapped inside the ember caves.

Jasper likes to be a bad boy, as he acts cool around his guy friends, and Topaz, who has a love thing going on for him.

Official Description

Jasper is the only troll in Trollzopolis who dares to go outside bald. Well actually, he doesn't have much a of a choice since his hair fell out after a spell went wrong, but he found his chrome top fit his hip-hop personality. This T-roll is always keeping it troll, especially when he's scooting on his T-ride (his skooter). He's actually been saving up lately to get a pair of spinners, when you're Jasper you've got be cool all the time, he's got a reputation to live up to!

It's Jasper's tough guy personality that the girls are always trying to change, especially Topaz. But really, underneath Jasper's gellin' front is a lost little baby troll. Don't tell anybody but during the movie "Trolltanic" he cried 27 times and even once more during the credits because, "their love was just so beautiful! -sniffle-." He also isn't the brightest troll either; he was surprised when the ship sank in the end.