Coal Trollwell
Voice: Jesse Moss
Species: Troll
Home: Trollzopolis
School: Trollzopolis High
Love Interest: Amethyst Van Der Troll

Coal Trollwell (born: 17 September 1991) is a troll who lives in Trollzopolis. He is Amethyst's favorite boy Troll, because she finds him cute despite his clumsiness. Coal goes to Trollzopolis High.

Coal is smart, calm and rational unlike the rest of his male troll friends. Coal does have to tendency to get rowdy when he is around the rest of his friends, but still has respect for the girls.

Official DescriptionEdit

There's nothing quite like green hair to get a girl going, and Coal's got plenty of that. But Coal is a lot more than just a good head of green hair. He's also just totally genuine, cute, smart, funny, cute, mature, kind, cute…look at me I'm blabbering like a little school-girl. Really the best way to describe Coal is just one word: Trollicious.

Coal's only problem is that he can sometimes be a bit clumsy, which is pretty easy when your hair is so disproportionate. For example, this one time when Coal was out with Amethyst (actually it was really a date but they were both too nervous to call it a date) they went to go see a movie; when the movie theater got dark Coal tried to put his arm around Amethyst but his hair ended up spilling her popcorn and Troll-pop ALLLLLL over the place. Needless to say he didn't get a kiss at the end of the night, but he did get a giggle at least - Amethyst thinks it's kinda cute when he's clumsy.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Coal has lime green hair and thick eyebrows. He has tan skin and green eyes. The reason for Coal's clumsiness is because his hair is so disproportionate; his hair doubles his height. Coal has the features of a Troll, such as pointed ears, large feet and big hair.