Brief RecapEdit

Episode 1Edit

  • Amethyst's gem gets its glow while staying with Grandma Van Der Troll for the summer
  • Ruby becomes jealous of Amethyst, and kicks Amethyst out of the BFFL
  • Onyx, Sapphire and Topaz use magic to transform Topaz into an ogre to scare Amethyst and Ruby back into being friends

Episode 2Edit

  • Amethyst gets a spell bracelet and casts a spell to make Jasper bald, and then the BFFL cast a spell together that accidentally turns Coal into an ice statue
  • The BFFL go to Obsidian for help, and Obsidian explains that they discovered the Magic of the Five when they cast the spell on Coal.
  • Obsidian takes the BFFL to the Netherworld where they use the Magic of the Five to reverse the spell on Coal, but an earthquake caused by the spellcasting releases Snarf

Episode 3Edit

  • The BFFL meet Coral, Opal and Jade
  • Snarf disguises as a dog and meets the BFFL, but when they don't help Snarf to free Simon, Snarf shifts into an ogre
  • The BFFL use the Magic of the Five to banish Snarf

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