Amethyst Van Der Troll
Voice: Britt McKillip
Species: Troll
Age: 14 (born October 23, 1992)
School: Trollzopolis High
Gem: Heart-shaped amethyst
Ancient: Grandma Van Der Troll
Pet: Wa-Wa
Allies: Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Obsidian, Grandma Van Der Troll, Mr. Trollheimer, Zirconia, Spinell
Enemies: Simon, Snarf, Coral Trollarwise, Opal Trollangel, Jade Trollberger

Amethyst Van Der Troll is the main protagonist of Trollz. She is a sweet, 14-year-old troll that lives in Trollzopolis. Amethyst attends Trollzopolis High with her best friends Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz.

They have been friends for ten years and refer to themselves as the BFFL (Best Friends For Life) Club. Amethyst's Ancient is her grandmother, and Amethyst has one pet a dog named Wa-Wa.

Official DescriptionEdit

She's the girl you can't help but love. Amethyst has so much natural charm, you'd think she was using a spell. She's the super glue of the BFFL (Best Friends For Life!). And by glue we mean like the ultra-sticky kind, not the gross pasty kind from kindergarten. Her friends and family are the most important things to her. She's the best friend a girl could have - loyal, totally down to earth and always real.

Memory BookEdit

June 18
Dear MB-
Talk about a totally trollular day! Ruby got the BFFL invited to the coolest party of the summer that Jasper's having. Everyone is gonna be there, so of course Topaz came over for a pre-party fashion consultation. She gave me the most, uh, unique looking hair pin. Don't tell her, but I think it looks better on Flounder! Shhhh...
Favorite Food: Grandma's Trollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies
Favorite Activites: Hanging with the BFFL, talking on her spell phone and having sleep-overs
Favorite Boy: Coal
He's clumsy but cute.
Best Friend: pass have none!
Favorite Color: Pink
Likes: Coal, the BFFL, Underground, Wa-Wa and furry pencil tops
Dislikes: Mean people and pop quizzes
Guilty Pleasure: Singing into her hairbrush in front of the mirror, and playing runway model alone in her room
Most Embarrassing Moment: Ruby cast a bad breath spell on me just as Coal was asking me to the dance. My breath smelled so bad that he passed out, fell into some lockers and had to go to the hospital!

Physical AppearanceEdit

Amethyst has pale skin, purple eyes and tall, pink hair. On, her hairstyle is described as "Twin Curls" and costs $50 The hairstyle is straight up with a curl at the end, and long, curly bangs. Amethyst keeps her bangs secure with a heart-shaped, amethyst purple hair clip. She wears pink lipstick.

Amethyst's outfit consists of an amethyst purple, short-sleeved top with puffy sleeves. It has a white collar, white cuffs, and her stomach is exposed to reveal a heart-shaped amethyst gem in her bellybutton. Her skirt is pink with a white hem. She has a pink fabric at the top of the skirt, and she wears amethyst purple, heart-shaped earrings, and an anklet with pink beads and an amethyst purple heart. She wears a purple watch and; a pink spell bead bracelet, Her shoes are pink with white straps. Amethyst has pointed ears, thin eyebrows, large eyes, a big head, big feet and a small body.


When Amethyst was a baby, a drop of magic amber was placed in her belly button right after she was born. The drop hardened and became a distinctive, pink, heart-shaped gem. She became friends with Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz and Onyx when she was 4 years old. When Amethyst was 14, her gem got its glow, meaning she could now use spell beads to perform magic spells.