Alabaster Trollington III
Voice: Samuel Vincent
Species: Troll
Home: Trollzopolis
School: Trollzopolis High
Love Interest: Sapphire Trollzawa

Alabaster Trollington III (born: 13 September 1992) is a teenaged troll who lives in Trollzopolis. He is a millionaire whose father owns many companies in the city.

Despite this, Alabaster is down-to-earth. Sapphire Trollzawa, one of Alabaster's peers at Trollzopolis High, considers Alabaster to be her favorite boy troll becuase she finds him "cute and super smart".

Official DescriptionEdit

What do a mature teenager, a multi-millionaire, a suave romantic, and the dorkiest kid in school have in common? Well, actually, they're all the same people: Alabaster Trollington III.

Unfortunately, the only side of Alabaster that most people see is the geek, not the chic. If they got to know him, people would realize that Alabaster is less like a poindexter and more like a Clark Kent. He may not be faster than a speeding bullet or leap buildings in a single bound, but underneath his nerdiness... WAY underneath there... keep looking... it's there I promise... way underneath is the classy, cool, and collected Alabaster.

What's also amazing about Alabaster is how normal... well at least how down-to-earth he is despite his money. Alabaster only uses his money for fun, and occasionally a new Spellcalculator IT38+.

When thick glasses and cardigan sweaters make a comeback, Alabaster will be the King of Cool.


Albaster has yellow hair and peach skin he wears black glasses he wears a green blue orange vest over a white shirt brown trousers and blue and white shoes he is smart like sapphire


  • He really likes Sapphire, but is too shy to tell her.
  • He understands and can use all kinds of technology, and his mechanical knowledge rivals Sapphire's.
  • He has friends "everywhere", including San Trollpez.
  • His parents own many companies, including the ones who made the mechanical dinosaurs for the museum in Trollisburg.
  • Alabaster isn't like the rest of his friends, he is more of the quiet calm one, who doesn't really get involved with the boys' antics.